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How do I rename a document through a signing link?

Renaming a document and editing fields through a signing link can be an simple way to identify documents that come from a frequently used template or public signing link. A commonly requested use case of this feature is to embed a signing link into a webpage and have it automatically be renamed to fit the document’s current signer. While this is not supported outright by SignNow, you can use mail merge as well as smart fields to accomplish this task. Contact your IT department and mention that SignNow recommends using mail merge for this feature. Also check out for more information.

To rename a document through a signing link for one-time use follow these steps:

1. Choose your template and add fields (if you have not done so already), and click “done”

2. Then, go to your template and choose “create a signing link”

3. In the box with the URL, paste this information at the end of the URL, and add your new document name after the “=.”


For this example, we titled the document “Barry_Cuda_Contract.” So, in this example we added: 

“?sgn_doc_name=Barry_Cuda_Contract” to the end of the link.

4. Next, copy the signing link

5. Send the signing link to your singer

6. When they click on it, there will be a new document name


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