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How do I use signing links on the iOS app?

To use signing links on the latest Version 6.9 iOS App, follow our step-by-step instructions below:

  1. If you haven’t uploaded a document already, upload a new one by clicking the plus sign in the upper righthand corner. You can upload documents from your photos, camera, email, Dropbox, iCloud drive, Salesforce, Egnyte, or Netsuite accounts.

2. Next, click on your document, then select “Template”  to make your document into a template. You have the option to rename your template.

3. Go to your “Templates” tab in the main lefthand menu. Then, click on your document and select “Signing Link” in the menu.

4. Click “Copy Link” to invite the link to other people.

5. You can now paste your link and send it to other people.

Sharing the signing link with other users will allow them to send invites to the document on your behalf. Once the link is copied, there are a couple things you can do with your signing link:

  • Send it through a text
  • Send it through email
  • Send it through a groupchat, or a popular chatroom platform
  • Send it through any other platform that you feel is secure enough for your document

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