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How does offline signing work?

With SignNow, you have the option to sign full documents while remaining offline on the mobile app. When using SignNow on mobile, users can upload, send, and sign unlimited documents while offline, which means never fearing bad internet connection in front of clients.

When you’re offline on SignNow, you can still sign, send and fill electronic documents whenever is convenient for you, however, those signed documents won’t be synced to the server until you have a wifi connection.

Follow our steps below on how to send, sign, and fill a document without an internet connection on mobile.

In this example, my wifi on my mobile device is turned off:

Uploading and sending a document:

  1. Upload your document

2. Invite users to sign the document, then click “Start Adding Fields”

3. Insert any necessary signature/text/date fields, then click the checkmark. Your document will then be saved.

4. After you invite your users to the document, the document will be saved and sent to the signers. However, the document will not be synced to the server until once your wifi connection returns. Once you have a wifi connection, your document will automatically be synced.

Signing a document:

If you don’t have an internet connection, you can still sign a document through SignNow’s mobile app.

  1. Open your document and sign the required fields in the document

2. Click the checkmark when you’re finished, and the document will be saved. After you reconnect to wifi, the signed document will sync to the server as signed, and your sender will be notified that you signed the document.

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