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What is dual factor authentication and how do I set it up?

Easily add two-factor authentication to any document sent for signature. Set an individual password for some or all of your invited signers, then provide that password directly or via SMS. Follow our steps below to learn how to set it up:

  1. Upload a document and click “Invite to Sign”.

2. First, type in your signer’s email address and click “Start Adding Fields”.

3. Start adding fields to your document. When finished, click “Save and Invite”.

4. Choose what kind of dual factor authentication you’d like for each signer. For example, signer 1 in the screenshot has options for a password, phone call, or text message (SMS) authentication.

5. When finished choosing an authentication, click “Send Invite”. The signer will then receive an email notifying them to sign the document. The signer will also be required to enter authentication via the dual factor authentication.

Please make sure that you communicate with the signer what the phone number, password, or text message (SMS) information is so that they can sign the document successfully!

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