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What is the ‘Audit Trail’ and ‘Document History’ and how do I access it?

If you ever need to legally enforce your document (or if you’re just interested in seeing the history of a document you’ve uploaded to SignNow), you can quickly and easily check all document changes and signing events by downloading the full audit trail for each of your documents. By downloading a documents history, you are able to view timestamps and IP addresses associated with any actions taken on your document.

To view the document history, please select the document in the main page of you account and click “More”


A new drop down menu will appear. Select “Download with History”. This will trigger the download of a PDF copy of your document with all the completed signatures if it has already been signed.


Along with a copy of your signed document, you’ll also see an additional page attached to your document. This is the history and full audit trail of the document.


As you can see the audit trail gives you a detailed look of any changes that occurred to the document and by whom. You can also discern which platform the changes were made on, such as our Mobile App or our Web App.  The IP address and the time of the changes are also captured in the document’s history.


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