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Can a team admin see what documents are being sent by other team members?

When you create a team you are given two options: to view all documents of all team members as team admin or only view shared templates in the shared folder.

Go to the lower left hand corner of your account page and above the Admin Console, click on “Create Team”. A pop up should appear like so:


If you leave the box checked, the team you create will allow you the Admin to see all documents. If you do not check the box, the only documents you will be able to see are those in the Shared Team Folder.


At this time there is no way to change the setting for your teams. You must either create a team that allows you (the Admin) to view all documents, or only templates in the Shared Folder. If you change your mind, you would need to deactivate the current team and create a new one with the setting of your choice.

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