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“SignNow has dramatically improved our business processes, saving us time and money.”

Crystal Proenza, Vice President of Marketing, Colliers

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What SignNow customers are saying:

At an uber fast growing disrupter like Cohesity, there’s certainly no shortage of devices and apps floating in and out of our ever changing offices, however, one app everyone’s been using around here lately is SignNow. In our business it’s not uncommon to see documents that require approvals and signatures exchange multiple hands before a transaction can be completed. Whether we need help attaining an e-signature for a tight deadline, or need to e-sign something ourselves and easily pass it along to the next person – SignNow has helped us take the work out of this process and has been a lifesaver!

Mohit Aron

CEO, Cohesity

Tech Data uses SignNow to improve our internal and external customer service while increasing our speed to revenue.

Bob Dutkowsky

CEO, Tech Data

Before SignNow, we ran into obstacles related to the technologies being used: scanning, faxing, printing, etc. Now, getting signatures is a breeze!

Dwayne Wheatley

Vice President of Virtual Services, Great Virtual Works

We assessed SignNow’s compliance and found that SignNow has appropriate controls in place to manage the e-signature tool for its intended use, and has a sufficient working knowledge of the compliance requirements.

Salma Asali

Senior Associate, Clinical Operations, BIND Therapeutics

I was closing another deal and had an outstanding quote already sent through DocuSign (I was trialing them) before we got connected. Sales VP was ready to sign the quote but was having trouble signing via DocuSign from his United WiFi – he was on a plane to Boston and would have been too late if I had to wait till he landed. I resent it to him via SignNow and Voila! I had my signed contract in 30 mins! Great job SignNow!

Suresh Balasubramanian

CEO, LiveHive

I was extremely frustrated using EchoSign and was having difficulty finding instructions or help while up against a deadline late one evening. I had sent multiple documents out but they hadn’t actually been routed and I received no notice that they didn’t go. When Mohit directed me to SignNow, I was wary at first but it really is intuitive and has been so useful I’ve been steering my colleagues and clients toward it.

Christina Bell

Sr. Manager, Frank Rimerman & Co.

Great VirtualWorks

SignNow Case Study – Great VirtualWorksgvw-thumb

Great VirtualWorks was relying on technologies such as scanning, faxing, emailing and printing in order to get signatures from their candidates. SignNow enabled them to upload their commonly used documents and create reusable templates that the entire team could access.

Case Study

Groupama & Mobile eSigning

SignNow Case Study – Groupamagroupama-thumb

Groupama insurance agents have streamlined their workflow by using SignNow to collect signatures in person. These documents are safely stored in the cloud and can immediately be sent for processing, with copies sent to the client.

Case Study

Colliers & Link to Sign

SignNow Case Study – Collierscolliers-thumb

When Colliers needed to collect signatures through email, they selected SignNow over all competitors as the best choice for them. Using Signing Link, they collect signatures and forms easily through email, dramatically improving the speed by which they can manage listing with brokers.

Case Study

Pepsi & The Superbowl Halftime Show

SignNow Case Study – Pepsipepsi-thumb

When Pepsi needed to collect notarized signatures to make the Superbowl Halftime Show happen, they went to SignNow. In a matter of days, SignNow helped the team achieve something that would have typically required weeks and saved time, effort, and money.

Case Study

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