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How do I apply a password or SMS protection when sending a document out for signing?

When sending a document out for signing, you can require the signer to enter an authentication code to ensure full protection and document security. You can choose between entering a password, text message (SMS) number, or phone number.

When choosing to require a password, you can create your own password that the signer needs to enter for signing the document. However, please make sure that the password is communicated with the signer. When you choose to enter a text message (SMS), you’ll enter the signer’s phone number. The signer will then receive an SMS notification prompting them to type in a code in order to sign the document.

Below are the steps for choosing a SMS authentication and receiving a notification:

  1. Upload a document and click “Invite to Sign”.


2. First, type in your signer’s email address and click “Start Adding Fields”.

3. Start adding fields to your document. When finished, click “Save and Invite”.

4. Choose the SMS text message authentication. After entering a phone number, click “Send Invite”.

5. The signer will see an email in their inbox prompting them to sign the document. When the signer clicks “Send Password” in the email message, the document password will be sent to them over SMS. The user will then need to wait about 60 seconds for the password to send.
When they receive the password, they can then type the password in SignNow and click “Unlock” to open the document. When that’s completed, the signer can now officially sign the document!

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