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Try these: how do I make templates for document groups, how can I make document group templates

How do I create document group templates?

To create document group templates, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Document Group Templates folder under the Document Groups section
  2. Click the Create Document Group Template button
  3. Click all the desired number of Templates to be added to the group
  4. Once the Templates have been selected, click the Next button
  5. Give the Document Group Template a name
  6. Assign the Signers to the appropriate signing steps
  7. If you want to send the Document Group Template to the same people, enter the desired email addresses. If you want to send the Document Group Template out to different emails for each signing session, leave the email fields blank.
  8. Once the desired changes have been made, click the Review and Create button.
  9. If the email fields were left blank, the you will not be able to edit Email Settings (I.E Subject and Message) until the Document Group Template is send out for signing. (If the emails were set in step 7, you can create a custom email Subject and Message that will be displayed each time the Document Group Template is sent out for signing.)
  10. Once the desired changes are made, click Create Group Template

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