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How do I insert fields into a document?

  1. Begin by clicking “upload document”



2. Select the document you’d like to open, then click “open”.

3. Select the title of the document to add fields.

4. Once you have opened your document, you can add a Signature Field, Text field, Date/Time Field, Initials Field, Checkbox Field, or Dropdown Field. Click on one of the field options listed in the sidebar.

5. The first field needed for this document is a “date” field. In order to do this, click on the “date/time field” button, then select the document where you want to place this field.

6. Next, to input a “text field,” follow the same steps: select text field on the left sidebar, then click where you want the field to be on your document. Then, make sure to add a label for the field in the “Label” box.

7. To add a signature field, click on the “signature field” option in the sidebar.

8. Then, click on the place in the document where you want to add your signature field.

9. Repeat this process with any other fields you want to add in the sidebar.

10. Once you’ve finished this process, click “done”.

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