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How do I send a document out for signing?


After you have edited and saved a document, you are now able to send the document to someone for completion. Click onto the ‘Invite to Sign’ button and you will be able to personalize the signing invitation for your recipient.


This is where you’ll add in your recipient’s email address. You may also CC anyone else who needs visibility into the signing process, but only the assigned role, in this case, Signer 1 will be able to sign the document. You may also edit and personalize the subject line and message as much as you like.


Click ‘Send Invite’ and your document will be sent to your recipient for signing.

If you wish to set an expiration date or add reminders to the document for signature, click “Advanced Options” to access the following menus.


Here you can extend the expiration date from 30 days from the email being sent to a maximum time frame of 180 days. 30 days is the default expiration. You can also set a reminder email to be sent, or allow the recipient the option of forwarding the signing invite email to someone else.


If you wish to add a second layer of authentication, under the Authentication section (which is optional) you can set a password for your document, or have a password automatically generated and sent to your recipient as a text message, or phone call.

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