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How do I send a document to multiple people?

If you have a document that you wish to have sent to multiple people for completion, you can follow these steps. This is especially useful if you wish for signers to sign the same fields on different copies of the document.

First, you need to create a template of a document. Then, go to the main page of your account and locate the document in question. Select “More” to drop down the menu of options. You will then want to click “Make Template”.


If you wish to have a new name for your template, go ahead and do so now. You will not be able to change the name of the template at a later date.


Once you have created your template, go to the template page and find the newly created template. You will now want to click “Create Signing Link” either on the actual template itself or from the More Drop Down menu.


A new pop up window will appear on your screen. You will find a unique link created for your document. You can now copy and paste this link anywhere and anyone who clicks on it will be directed to your document for completion.


Invite Routing

Simply take a template from your template folder (must be a template with only one assigned role for the document). You want to leave the assigned signer’s email blank. Afterwards, click “Create Signing Link” and you should see this pop-up:


Check the box next to “Allow Signer to Send Invite”.


Copy and paste your link and begin distributing your document for signatures.

Your Signer should see this screen first.


They will need to fill in the field with their email address. They will then receive an email from our SignNow that will allow them to sign.

The benefit for you is that you will not need to personally create invite links for each signer you wish to send a document to.

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