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How do I set a document password?

If you’d like to ensure that your signer is the only one capable of signing a document you send, we recommend taking advantage of our two-step verification process by adding a password to the signing invite you send out.

You and your signer would be the only ones with access to the password. This password would need to be communicated to the signer by you the sender, personally, or the signer will not be able to access the document. This password handoff could be through a personal email from you, over the phone or some other third party method.

To add a password, simply click ‘Invite to sign’ on your document. At the very bottom you will see “Advanced Options” next to the “Send Invite” button.

Click on the “Advanced Options” and you’ll see a new menu with the option below:

Click on “None” to pull up the authentication options. Then select Password.

Now type a password for the document in the password field. Then simply click “Send Invite” and your password protected invite will go out!
Please make sure you communicate the password to the signer or they will not be able to sign.

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