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How do I transfer templates from an old email address to a new email address?

*Please note* These instructions assume that you only have 1 user on the account and just changed their email address. Please reach out to support if you have a different use case.

1. Add the new email that you wish to use with “Add User”.

2. Click “Create a Team” and invite the old email address.

3. Go back to the Admin Console and click “Remove” next to your new email.

4. Add the old email with “Add User”

5. Log into SignNow as the old email address.

6. Accept the Team Invite.

7. Go to the old email’s template folder and click “More”

8. From the “More” drop menu, click “Move”.

9. Select the Team or Shared Folder as the destination and move your template or templates

10. Log back into the new email address and go to the Admin Console.

11. Click “Remove” next to the Old Email.

12. Add the New Email with “Add User”

13. Log out of SignNow and then log back in.

14. Go to the Team/Shared Folder and locate your templates that you wish to transfer. Click “More” and then “Create a Copy”

15. Repeat Step 14 as necessary for all the templates you wish to transfer over to the new email address.



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