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Try these: how to add wet ink signature, draw signature

How to add a wet ink signature?

If you operate your own business, part of your daily routine is devoted to managing stacks of documents. Considering job application forms, preparing invoices or drafting contracts takes time. Even more time is spent organizing which documents require a signature. SignNow offers you a solution. You can easily add wet ink signatures to your documents and speed up all your document management processes.

To get started, upload the document you need to sign to your SignNow account by clicking the Upload Document button.

Once the document is uploaded, open it by clicking the More button on the right and selecting Open Document from the dropdown menu.

Select My Signature from the toolbar on the left. Drag and drop it to the place on the document where you need to add your wet ink signature.

On the pop up window that opens next, choose the method you want to use for signing your document. You can type, draw or upload your signature. Type your first and last name if you choose the Type method. Select the font size and click Add.

To draw a signature, click on Draw and start drawing it with a mouse or touchpad.

To upload a signature, click Upload.

To save a signature and use it for signing further documents, check the Make this “My Signature” box.

To change the size of your wet ink signature, drag its corners or edges.

Click the Done button in the top right corner to save changes.

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