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To sign most documents your signers will not need to create an account. If you use the Invite Signers feature they will receive an email invitation to sign with a link that will bring them to a signing session where they can just sign the document. After they sign they may make an account with that same email address and have access to the document, but that’s optional.

The only time your signers would have to make an account is if you use our “Create Signing Link” feature (and you’re NOT using the anonymous option). The create link feature allows you to create a link to a template that you can mass disseminate (say you need 100 people to each sign their own copy of a waiver for an event you’re holding). Because we need an email address to tie the signing to for audit trail purposes signers using such a signing link will need to create an account/sign in to sign from those links. Again, when you create the link there is an option to allow anonymous signing, which means no sign up necessary, but also that you will not see the signer’s email address in your SignNow account.