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What are fields, labels and pre-filled forms?

Fields are areas where you wish to have a Signer add information of some kind. Depending on what their roles is, the colors of their assigned fields will be the same color. If more than one signer is assigned to a document with different fields to fill out, they will have a different color box for their specific fields.

Fields can vary between signature, text fields, date, social security numbers and more.

But what are Labels and Pre-filled Text?

Labels are best explained as your instructions for what should be placed inside a field. It could be something as simple as First then Last Name for the printed name section on your document.

Pre-filled text, however, allows you to fill out a section of a document that you already have the information for. For example, if you already know some of the information in a generic document you want your signer to complete, such as name and address, you can fulfill that portion for them before signing. You would merely need to use the provided pre-filled field in the drop down menu.

To use labels and pre-filled text, you would first need to add a field to a document. This will allow you to see a drop menu like so:


For the label field, place your instructions.


For the Pre-filled section of the drop menu, go ahead and add your information for specific field.


On your edit document page, the new text field should look something like this:


But when your signer receives the document, this is how it should appear:


Your signer may choose to leave the pre-fill text in place or edit the pre-fill text to their liking. The document will still be able to be submitted for completion regardless of whether or not there is a change to the pre-filled text. As long as the signer has finished completing all other required fields, your signer should be able to complete the document.

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