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What are freeform invites and how do I use them?

Freeform invites give the sender the option to send a document to a signer without fields. The signer will import fields manually, anywhere they see necessary on the document.


Freeform invites can be beneficial and time-efficient for the sender, however always double check that the signer fully signed and completed the essentials of your document!


How do I use freeform invites?


Using freeform invites is simple with SignNow. Follow these instructions to learn how to send out a freeform invite:


  1. Upload a document and click ‘more,’ then select ‘freeform invites’

2. Fill in your signer’s information and customize your message if needed, then click ‘invite to sign’

3. Your signer will receive an email invitation to sign the document, then once they open it, the signer will be prompted to input their name, then they can insert fields anywhere on the document by clicking.

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