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What is ‘signing order’ and how do I set it up?

The signing order is the order in which the document must be signed. For example, you have a purchase order that must be signed by three people, the IT manager, the operations manager, and the CFO. However, until the IT manager signs the purchase order, there is no need for the operations manager to sign it, and until the operations manager signs the purchase order, there is no need for the CFO to sign it. A signing order dictates who must sign the document first, second, third, and so on.

To add a signing order to a document:

  1. Click Documents and then click the document you want to make a signing order for.
  2. Click Edit Signers.
  3. In the Signing Step 1 field, add the first document signer.

Note: We do not send an email notification when you invite yourself to sign a document if you are in the first group of signers. If you’d like to receive an email notification when inviting yourself to sign a document, make sure to put yourself in one of the groups that comes after the first group of signers.

4. Click the Signing Step 2 field to add the next signer.

You can add multiple signers to each signing step (by clicking the blue icon) and you can add multiple signing steps.

Once you’ve added fields for all of your signers, set the signing order and send the document out for signing.

5. Click Save Signers when you have finished.

6. Add a separate signature field for each signer. To add another signature field, click on the new signer in the menu to the left and then click in the document where you want to place the signature field. You can move and resize the signature field as needed.

7. Click Done.

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