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What’s the difference between document group templates and document groups?

Document groups allow you to work with multiple documents in one invitation, as well as to invite separate signers to complete documents in the group. With document groups, the signer will see a checklist of documents they need to complete.

Regular document groups allow you to collect documents and bundle them together, as well as send a group of documents to at least one signer. In comparison, document group templates allow you to create a document group template name, invite signers to create a new signing step, and review and create a template for users to manage and sign.

For more details on document groups, watch our video below on how to document groups in SignNow:

Below are the instructions for creating a document group:

  1. To create a document group, click on “Document Groups” in the lower menu section under Document Groups.

2. Click “Create a Document Group,” then title your document group name.

3. Select a document or template that you’d like to include in your new document group. Keep in mind, the document in the group must contain fields.

4. You now have a document in the document group. You can invite signers to join the document through a “Quick Invite”, or you can make updates to the document.

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